Childcare Provider Certification

Coming Summer or 2018! Please note, all criteria are subject to change.


One in five children who die of infant sleep-related deaths do so while in non-parental childcare. One-third of those children die within the first week, and one-half die on their very first day! Why?

Because many childcare providers have not received infant safe sleep training. Many childcare providers still believe that it is safe to place an infant on their stomach to sleep, or that car seats constitute a safe sleeping environment, but these beliefs are very wrong.

Through years of research, the American Academy of Pediatrics has been able to make recommendations to help keep infant sleeping safely. Evidence has shown that placing babies on their backs to sleep, greatly reduces the risk of infant sleep-related deaths. Just by changing infant sleep position, we have cut sleep-related deaths in half since 1992. But now, we must make sure that not only are infants sleeping on their backs but that they are sleeping safely as well.

We started this program in the hopes that we can better educate our child care providers about infant safe sleeping practices, reduce the number of deaths we see every year in childcare and encourage everyone to keep infants sleeping safely wherever they may be.


Step 1: Apply for the certification level of your choosing.

Step 2: All levels must submit the following:

  • Proof of staff training or proof of scheduled training within 90 days of application.
  • Infant Safe Sleep Policy
  • Digital copy of facility handbook or parent orientation materials
  • Copy or link to your state's child care guidelines on infant safe sleep.
  • Auditing tool

Step 3: Silver & Gold Only – Host a yearly educational or awareness event.

Step 4: Gold Only – Affiliate with or become a Cribs for Kids Partner.

Certification Levels

Staff Training – Must have completed or scheduled within 90 days of application.

Safe Sleep Policy – Parents must sign during orientation.

Handbook/Orientation Materials – Must submit proof that your safe sleep policy is included in your facility handbook and/or parent orientation materials.

State Safe Sleep Guidelines – Submit a copy or a link to your state's childcare infant safe sleep guidelines.

Audit – Directors will audit their employees 2 times a year and must be submitted upon recertification.


Staff Training

Safe Sleep Policy

Handbook/Orientation Materials 

State Safe Sleep Guidelines


Education – Facility must host/provide a yearly educational or awareness event.

Educational Event Examples

Parent Education Class – Host an evening class with your parents that address infant safe sleep.

Child Education Day – Have a pajama day fundraiser and talk to children about infant safe sleep.

Community Education – Participate in a local community event or host your own event.


Staff Training

Safe Sleep Policy 

Handbook/Orientation Materials

State Safe Sleep Guidelines 



Partner – Affiliate with or become a Cribs for Kids partner. By affiliating with or becoming a Cribs for Kids partner, you are demonstrating your commitment to helping babies sleep safely no matter where they are. By becoming a partner or affiliating with one, you will be able to provide portable cribs to the families you serve that may not be able to afford one. If you choose to affiliate with a Cribs for Kids partner in your community, that partner will need to write and submit a letter of affiliation detailing your partnership.


Childcare providers are to apply for recertification every 5 years.

For any questions, please contact Andrea Wilson at (412) 322-5680 x 4 or by e-mail at awilson@cribsforkids.org.